Special Education Gifted Services

Accelerating Student Learning

Reach Cyber Charter School is committed to supporting students to take ownership of their own educational journey and intellectual pursuits. Reach's highly personalized approach to learning assists our gifted and talented students thrive and pursue their intellectual passions. Educators and families work together to develop a personalized learning plan for each student, allowing exceptional students to work at their own learning pace and create their own definition of success.

Reach Cyber's gifted services will provide the following opportunities to eligible students: acceleration, enrichment, and individualization in which instruction is matched specifically to the student's achievement, ability, and interests. Students may also enroll in advanced subject courses or specialize in studies in their areas of strengths and needs.

Questions regarding screening, evaluation, eligibility, due process rights, or provision of gifted education services may be directed the Director of Special Education.

Elementary School Programs

In online elementary gifted programs, which start in grade three, high-ability students benefit from an accelerated learning pace, specially trained teachers, and an enriched curriculum with choices for studying subjects in greater depth. They can also take part in special projects and develop higher-level thinking skills.

Exceptional elementary school students have the opportunity to work above grade level and thrive.

Middle School Programs

High-ability middle school students benefit from an accelerated learning pace, specially trained teachers, and an enriched curriculum. The online program is designed specifically for gifted and talented middle school students to help them learn to think critically, communicate effectively, develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, and actively pursue education on their own terms.

Because middle school students experience a wide range of growth rates in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development, gifted and talented teachers customize virtual lessons to make each student's educational path a uniquely tailored one.

Exceptional middle school students also have the opportunity to work above grade level and thrive.

High School Programs

High school students have the opportunity to take a broad selection of honors courses that not only fulfill basic graduation requirements, but also offer a more rigorous curriculum and challenging academic environment in online school for gifted students. College-bound students who wish to enhance the strength of their college applications should consider enrolling in our honors and Advanced Placement (AP®)* courses. Those who take AP courses prepare to take national AP exams, which may enable students to earn early credit or secure advanced course placement in college.

Our honors students are a group of dedicated learners who work together to discuss advanced topics, collaborate in group projects, and sharpen their critical-thinking skills while preparing for academic success beyond graduation.

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