STEM Education

What is STEM Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education defines STEM Education as: "STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is an integrated, interdisciplinary, and student-centered approach to learning that encourages curiosity, creativity, artistic expression, collaboration, computational thinking, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and design thinking."

Why is STEM Education Important

The Pennsylvania Department of Education notes the importance of STEM Education: "Businesses are growing in Pennsylvania, and they want skilled and well-educated workers who are prepared for the 21st century economy. Students need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and be successful in a tech-driven, global economy."

What is STEM Education at Reach

STEM Infusion

Teachers purposefully incorporate STEM instructional strategies into their live lessons regularly.

STEM Clubs

Exposure, Experience and Exploration. STEM Club is a weekly option for students, K-12, to engage in STEM activities, learn about STEM careers and take a deeper dive into everything STEM Education has to offer.

Project-Based Learning Opportunities

Teachers will offer 2 PBL experiences with varied approaches to implementation that support students developing 21st century learning skills and growth mindset.

STEM Camps

These teacher-led camps give students enriching STEM opportunities beyond the restraints of a classroom to nurture their spark for STEM career readiness.

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Director of STEM