The Balogun Family

The Balogun Family (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)

Our Journey with Reach started in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. David was in a Christian private school when the pandemic started. An incident at that school led into asking the Bensalem School District to test David for giftedness.

David Balogun, 12th Grade

The outcome of the test prompted us to look for a more accommodating and academically focused school system for gifted children. We reached out to PAGE and one of the two schools recommended was Reach Cyber School. When the decision to accept David came from Reach, we went forward with no questions asked. We were happy and hoping for a good relationship. We thought we had reached the apex of good experiences with schools. Somehow, we were wrong. Reach was not just a good school, interacting with their staff really blew our minds. The curriculum challenged our son. Reach pride itself on being one of the few schools that offer individualized learning that meets the state requirement yet engages the students. David went through Elementary, Middle and High school faster than the speed of light. Reach was indeed a godsent and we couldn't ask for better staff. What a genuinely loving, caring, open-minded, and non-discriminating staff! Our son immediately felt at home. His giftedness teacher Mrs. Pronio was an avid advocate for David. The school understood David's need and helped him succeed. We are deeply grateful to all his teachers and all the administrators behind the scenes.

Eliana Balogun, 3rd Grade

When it was time for Eliana to start, it was natural to sign her up with Reach. It was never a matter of if but when. Eliana's journey is not any different than David. Reach met Eliana's need and took all the necessary steps to start her on her academic journey as well.

David climbed the ladder in a way that was difficult to explain. In his senior year at high school, at the age of nine, he went for admission test at the Bucks County Community College and was immediately granted admission on the same day he set foot on the campus.

If you are looking for individualized learning that takes into account your child's or children's strengths and weaknesses in a friendly environment that prides itself in prioritizing your child or children, Reach Cyber School is the place to come.