The Skochelak-Cuppett Family

The Skochelak-Cuppett Family (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)

RaeLynn Cuppett, 2nd Grade

We came to Reach because in the 2 years at my daughter's prior public school in the Albert Gallatin Area School District, she had no assistance from the teachers when doing any of her assignments. Whenever I would try to address any concerns or issues we would go more than a week at times before teachers even contacted us back, and that was only when I would get responses back. Usually they would not even bother to call or email in return. I had felt that my daughter just was not where I felt she should be academically and when I would contact the district office after not being answered, they would say, well her grades are good, so everything looks good here, and that it was on me, if anything, as to why she wasn't where I felt she should be with her reading and writing. The thing I'm most satisfied with from Reach are the daily live lessons. Even the assignments posted are so very thorough for RaeLynn. The contact I and my daughter have with her teachers is beyond amazing. Between always contacting me back when I have any questions or concerns, and the calls just to check in to see if RaeLynn may be having trouble with any subjects or assignments. I could not be happier with the teachers, the courses and the materials provided for everything. Reach truly wants their students to succeed, and Reach provides all the tools they possibly can to make sure that happens. As long as the student and Learning Coach does their part, your child will succeed with Reach!

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