Records Request

Academic Records

Please forward all academic records requests to

Request Requirements

School Requests: Schools submitting an academic records request should provide a "Records Request" form detailing the records needed. Please also provide a name and email address for the contact who should receive the requested records.

Personal Requests: Parents, guardians & caretakers should make records requests using an email address that we have on file. When making the request, please include the name of the student and their date of birth.


Please reach out to our counseling department for scholarship, proof of graduation (military/job), and/or personal transcript requests. You can reach them by calling 1 (866) 732-2416 and following the options.

College Application Transcripts

For transcript requests for college applications, please email our or by emailing our High School Administrative Assistant.

Special Education Records

Please send a request on school district letter head. Please include the student's full name and date of birth in your requests. Records will be fulfilled within 24 hours. Email:

FERPA Requirements

Our Records Department can provide cumulative student records for all currently active and formerly enrolled students. All requests for student records must be made in writing. This policy is due to federal regulations that help to protect the privacy of our students—Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).